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Spur of the Moment: Genes!

This post is on a whim. This morning I woke up and went outside and meditated in the sun. Recently I’ve been attempting to get sunlight into my body at the moment that I awaken. It appears that such an activity fires up many brain regions, getting you primed for the day. As an added bonus, it appears that sunlight in the morning allows your body to create more melatonin at night. After all, humans are programed to wake when the sun comes up and sleep when the sun goes down. I think it is crucially important to not simply forget that we are indeed organisms. By adhering to a lifestyle that mildly replicates what it would be like without technology and mass communication, we allow our bodies to flow with our nature. What does that mean? Well, our genes become expressed differently, contributing to our health. You see, we have DNA and that codes for proteins but they can be SHUT OFF. If we live a lifestyle in which we don’t see the sun, or don’t exercise, or don’t eat foods that allow for optimal function, then our bodies express inferior genes. That’s CANCER. Cancer is a metabolic disorder most of the time, that is if the things we do on a regular basis depress our cells, increase systemic inflammation, then our cells begin to malfunction. Here’s the thing, our bodies have extremely sophisticated counter-mechanisms to prevent cellular malfunction. However, they can only be pushed so far. Here’s my analogy: There’s a zombie apocalypse, let’s assume that everyone on earth knows of it and we know we have to contain it. If humans work well together, we can probably contain it and eliminate the imminent threat. In the case that we all lose our minds, fend for ourselves and not help each other, we die. Allow me to elaborate, the zombies are inflammation and cellular disorder, you are the human race. If the zombies get way out of hand, then we can’t stop them and we get chronic disease. But if we realize the threat, act accordingly to shift our view of what must be done, then we can take control of the situation and prevent catastrophic damage.

Our bodies are remarkably well adapted to handle these threats, they do it constantly. If you do many small things and create positive habits, then they are borderline impenetrable. Now don’t get me wrong, freak occurrences do happen, but it’s up to you to mitigate that risk. The bottom line is if somebody who eats garbage, doesn’t exercise, never sees the sun, stays up late, and sleeps in late finds themselves stricken with depression or even worse cancer, or a host of autoimmune disorders, it isn’t a tragedy, it is a traceable, direct result of a poor lifestyle.

More on auto immune disorders: If your body is in a state of high inflammation, it is defcon 5. You’re depressed, you have no energy, you can’t seem to function “normally”, that is a recipe for your body turning on itself. When we are in states of high cellular stress, it is common for your body to react to random shit that you didn’t react to before. This is because just like you, your cells don’t know what the hell is going on and from their perspective anything could be a threat.

So how does one take control of their body? It is indeed simple later down the road, but if you are in the trenches it is rather challenging to get started. The main idea is to start small but BE CONSISTENT, once you start doing the small stuff you mustn’t cease. Another analogy: Compound interest is when you invest in something and over time you get returns and that adds to your pool of cash and then you get returns based on the new total. Over time you accrue more cash because you have more and the cycle perpetuates itself. Okay, so the same principle applies to your health. You start by getting sun in the morning, if you can’t then still you go outside or something. The important thing is to do this every day. then maybe add to that in a week or so. You build yourself up a day at a time and your GENES EXPRESS THEMSELVES DIFFERENTLY. Systemic inflammation begins to decline, you feel better so you EAT BETTER FOODS (More on the right things to eat later). Your body has tools that it did not have before! You begin to feel better, your body begins to operate better, now you’re on the road to being your greatest version.

Finally, some things to do to start small:

Meditation – 10 mins is perfectly fine

Getting Sun – It takes 30 mins of exposure to elicit a melanin response

Eating Better – Doesn’t have to be cold turkey Keto

Exercise – Doesn’t have to be a marathon!

Forming a Morning Routine – a combo of some things listed?