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It has been five years since my last post. Much has changed, though that goes without saying. Derealization? A bi-product of consciousness… everyone experiences it, I was naive to infer that a unique group of people experienced such a thing. However, few as I am aware tried to address and ponder it. Moving on.

Cycles. Patterns. Synchronicity.

There are things that appear to make functional sense as we move through the world, I want to dive in and try my best to break down some of these things.

Possibly the most important for me was a meditation I had a few weeks ago, it was essentially a seed that was planted and here it is attempting to grow. It is hard to recall all of the details because it was almost dreamlike in how swiftly it drifted from my mind, despite being quite useful of a thought. The topic was cycles, how everything connects to everything else. You may think, “that’s cliche” and you would be right. It is an idea that has been perpetuated for some time. Part of my goal is to prove and fully articulate what that means.

Currently I posses an associates degree of science and a fascination with philosophy, and cell metabolism and the two go hand in hand believe it or not. There is a code for you, it is DNA, that is the catalog that is read when your body needs something done, or created, or removed. DNA can be turned on or off, this is a big deal. So lets say you sit a lot, eat mostly okay food with the occasional well balanced meal, you do not get too much sun, and you have a few friends but not as many as you’d really like.  Well, certain genes become turned off and proteins cannot be made. Your body is hence not able to operate at its best, thoughts are clouded, you are fatigued. You have now found yourself in a Cycle, and your actions as a macro human have affected your most fundamental biology. Okay, so now you exercise, it sucks but you power through. You start eating better, not the best yet, but better. You branch out and try to meet people, you make a new friend. You get outside just a bit more in the morning (wake up slightly earlier perhaps?). So now your DNA begins to shift, proteins to repair damaged cells  begin to be created and shuttle toxins out of your body. You feel better, slowly. You’ve begun a new cycle and your everyday actions help to shape your cellular makeup.

There is a lot to discuss and discover, humans are very complex and hold a powerful key to solving many problems.