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Thomas Wilson

How to Philosophize

The meaning of the word philosophy comes from philo- meaning to love and sophos- meaning knowledge. The literal translation is thus a lover of knowledge. During the age of Classical Greece, between 700-300 BCE, philosophy was regarded as a fundamental piece of education. At that time, the study involved everything from geometry to writing and dialectic. The reason being because the lover of knowledge tended also to be a person […]

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When and How to Intermittent Fast

There are a plethora of nuanced steps that humans can take to optimize their health. Among the most practical and useful is intermittent fasting. The physical health of the individual is of first order importance as the mind then closely follows once the body has an opportunity to optimize. Finally, the spirit can undergo transformation following body and mind development. However, it all starts with the body as the mind […]

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A Pattern of Recognition

Prologue What conception of reality provides the greatest amount of mental ease and functional application simultaneously? The number of viable perspectives to associate oneself with is immense, each perspective contains potential to induce perceptual restructuring and a positive or negative behavioral change. This can be tapped into, the result is the apprehension of perspectives and contemplation of utility and potential consequences. However, the mind is quite strong and often times […]

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The Case Against Enlightenment

Enlightenment is such a coveted and esoteric state of being. When considering enlightenment, it is thought of as rare, the ultimate zen state wherein suffering does not not permeate existence. This is goes too far, suffering will exist whether or not it is directly perceived or momentarily experienced. Suffering is a mere fact of existing in the world, there is pain, there is struggle, the question is whether the enlightened […]

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Origin of Thought

For quite some time now I have been perplexed by the nature of Thought. Primarily because thoughts, I have found, essentially comprise the state of normal awareness. If there are no active thoughts, then we are asleep, unconscious or perhaps in a deep state meditation wherein one could be said to be in a different state of consciousness. However, the steam of thought that is experienced whilst awake directly contributes […]

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An Introduction

It was high time to begin living justly, through all avenues that were available. Thus, blogging begins and a journey to illuminate yet another human life. The goal to find resonance, connections, and to hopefully become the best version of myself. To begin simply, I am a fifth year Cell and Molecular Biology Student but my interests dive much further than Biology. History and Nature intrigue me, however something i […]

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