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An Establishment for the People: A reason to Step Outside

Our government could be an entity in which all policies and values were accurately and unrelentingly upheld. The result would be that of a non-hypocritical establishment, one that portrays a powerful example to its people. It certainly matters what these values would be, and this is why we have parties, however we can take this a bit further.

Parties are a macro entity, they exude superficial values much of the time. I do not mean that they do not have values that they attempt to uphold but it appears to me that the values often shift and change to move with public opinion. This is not a bad thing, changes need to occur for progress to be made, ideas must be tested so that we can discover what works best for the masses. These large scale experimental changes might include the economy and foreign policy which are undeniably huge factors. However, this too is not what I am referring too.

The media has a disgusting amount of control over what the people consume in terms information, it is controlled by a select few overwhelmingly popular networks. These networks give airtime to those who pay for it and only a select few can afford consistent airtime. The result is, as it pertains to the news media, that the average person is viewing everything they know about the country or the world through a lens that is much smarter than them. The media is necessary and important but suffice to say they have been slacking on their job, circumstances are generally far more complex than portrayed. People, as part of being human, then jump to wildly inaccurate conclusions that compound over time and if the only thing you do is watch TV then your idea of the world will be painfully wrong. The world is a lot bigger than what the TV says it is which is why the internet is such a wonderful thing. People can venture off into the web and construct their opinions, this leaves ample room for conformation bias but also saves us the from implied belief of the most powerful news outlets. In fact, generating an accurate view of the world is quite the undertaking, we all have different views and different ideas about those views but we are highly capable of great things as a result of this intellectual diversity.

The bottom line is we must tap into that intellectual diversity so we can do a better job at all things human. So how do we do that? We need a role model, we need an entity that has our best interests in mind. Now, certainly the government has what it thinks to be our interests in mind and this is a good thing. However, I would go so far as to say they could do multitudes better with just a few simple tweaks.

This establishment would be a role model of what one might imagine a contributing citizen to look like. For instance, when elections go on, like the one that just occurred, we see no end to the political advertisements. They are suffocatingly constant and obnoxious, they shove candidates down our throat and then we hear nothing about it until yet another humans wishes to take the position once more. The cycle repeats. These are important positions beyond a shadow of a doubt but the airtime that is employed during the electoral war could at all other times be utilized to convey a potent message of self-actualization.

The airtime could be used so much more strategically, to help people become engaged with THEIR OWN lives in an attempt to have them engage with others and furthermore contribute to our society. Of course, there is the image of a dictator spitting nonsense upon an oppressed society not unlike something from Half-Life 2. This can be simply avoided, for the message to be successful, it cannot imply whatsoever that any given person must change anything about their life. This not a difficult concept, subliminal messaging occurs constantly through hundreds of other advertisements that are trying to get you to buy their product. The idea that I am trying to articulate is one in which that product is YOU and the establishment responsible for cultivating a wonderful country takes an active sideline interest in seeing people be their best.

This goes deeper than television airtime. The country needs a healthy and informed populous, it cannot make people learn or make people exercise but it can absolutely nudge. A healthy society is one that eats well, and people do not know how to eat well, our grocery stores are 80% sugar, period. Vending machines in HOSPITALS are choc full of great sugar too. My argument is that the establishment could absolutely have a part in creating a better environment for its people.

This is the main point, the environment we currently live in is better than it has ever been in history, and because of that wonderful fact, people are getting complacent and lazy but we still have much work to do. People are becoming less healthy, positions that require qualification are unable to be filled. We have a gap growing, in a plethora of ways. Where are the solutions? They are not going to be found on the floor, they are not capable of being implemented by small groups of people who want to see change. The real solutions will have to come from all of us, working together, for something greater. Ways to get us to unite are few and far in between nowadays, we have political correctness trying to label every kind of human and give them their own boat. We have red and blue party lines, we have racial tension, we have a growing division.

This establishment could step in and do its best to articulate the solution for the average citizen, WITHOUT an ulterior motive! Furthermore, be a source of inspiration, good news, intelligible facts, and a positive message. This is not some utopian bullshit, when I look at the TV I see bleakness. What is conveyed on the TV (the seldom times I watch it), I find to be distasteful and inaccurate of the real circumstances. Maybe I am wrong and the world really is that dark of a place but I simply do not believe it. It is hard out there, but people are resilient and strong and we have huge cities that continue to operate.

This establishment could instead (through many outlets):

Encourage people to read

Encourage people to go outside

Encourage people to help each other

Encourage people to eat healthy

Encourage people to be helpful

Encourage people to socialize without fear

Furthermore it could provide accurate details of where the country needs a workforce: This message would be of particular importance because it offers up the opportunity to focus fire on specific issues. Projects that would take months could get done in weeks. A great example is the completion of road work!

Ultimately, we are all just humans, and a lot of us just need some greater purpose to rally behind, one that is mutually beneficial to ourselves and to the land we call our home. There are certain establishments who have the influence and potential to empower many people, and there are few things in this world in which the vast majority of people subscribe to. The few things that capture the attention of the majority of people could do so much good if they clearly had everyone’s best interest in mind. It would be necessary to forget about personal gain and intent to control anyone, only then could hearts and minds be won, and a crusade for the greater good could commence.

I mentioned that there are many outlets for these short messages to be broadcast, but only went into any real depth about TV. Indeed, many people watch TV and it is a huge force for information consumption. However, there are several others: Billboards, Youtube ads, Bus Station ads, Radio, Facebook. The list could go on, the bottom line is that the ads we see unrelentingly attempt to rob us of our attention. Yet rarely, if EVER, have I or anyone that I know bore witness to a message that projected selfless encouragement or any of the previously noted actions. What we always get is a product to buy, or a subjective cause to subscribe to, or an organization asking for our money. Never, do we get a message compelling us to invest in ourselves, reminding to utilize our time better. I imagine the reason is simple, because the organizations that capitalize off of these outlets would hate to see us have a reason to move away from them.

On some level it could not be considered an ad, an ad is there to snag your attention and convince to go purchase something. This idea, it is a message, an attempt to make peoples day better and suggest positive action.

As a final note, to those of you for which this sounds anything like communism or socialism, it is not. The fundamental difference is that policies should not be put in place to control action. This idea, is simply the propagation of a powerful message/call-to-action, for the greater good.