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About Thomas

There is only one way to be, and that is to be ones best. Whether that means the best at a sport, the best role model, the best photographer. There is only one thing to aim for, that that is the pinnacle of one can be.

My name is Thomas – I am an explorer, and a thinker; Consciously Cognizant if you will.

I have been asked in the past if I have always been this way. To which I retort, “what way?”, because I do not know what they mean. Do they mean how I love nature? Or the process of perishing? Or how I do not take things for face value when they come from the mouths of others? Or perhaps they mean about how I wear colorful clothes. I suppose they might also be refering to how I eat a very restrictive diet.

Well… No.

I haven’t always been single mindedly geared toward the best in myself. Is anyone at first? One has to fall and fall again and more importantly they must get up, and then most of all they must only blame themselves. That is a process.

For a while I was a sensualist, always wanting to have myself pulled by the whims of my heart. But this ground is not firm, and one loses themselves in the desire to be anything but what they are. What they don’t tell you is that the mind is not always clear.

So then I took a much more Nietzschean approach to my cognition. One where I am an animal, and I require constant supervision. This was transformational, and I began to take care of myself as if I had no clue what I was going to do next. Then I found out something remarkable, that I never knew what I am going to do next and that is the same thing as “knowing thy self”.

Now obviously I am not in the hospital or dead so clearly I exhibit some form of control. But that is not the point, the point is that I simply do not take myself so seriously. But I take everything that I do extremely seriously. How do the two mutually coincide, is that not a contradiction?

Also, no.

I grant myself all the love I need, and remind myself constantly of the nature that surrounds me, which is pure love. But to the things which I would alter, the impacts that I would have, I regard with the utmost importance. This is the separateness of the mind and the body, and also its unification. For when the mind is free to think what it wants without repercussion, and the body is trained to only do what is of greatest importance, there is very little that can disturb such balance.

I currently work in a Lab

But I also Exercise

And read

And spearfish

And write

Among other things

My past Jobs were not as cool

I worked at Chilis for a while
I met cool people, and some others that were not as cool. But the highlight of this escapade was this crush I had on a girl who worked there. Nothing happened with it, except for the tremendous attention that I paid to my inner conflict.

I also did some freelance work
My employer was a great guy. He taught me alot, about myself and also some things about how to repair a house. We did some big projects together and I greatly valued being his employee.

Then there was this taco shop
Worst job I have ever had… But the Christmas party was pretty okay I suppose.