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The Five Daily Doses

Each day is full of potential, ready to be harnessed, and with an all but certain time limit. Therefore it is important to view each day for exactly what it is, a massive flowing stream and you have a small bucket to catch as much as you can. The time we have can be either culminating or dissolutive, each day either builds upon what we have or fades away with nothing gained and seemingly nothing lost. However, unused time is always a loss, though it may not appear as such.

There are several practices which one can add to their day to add to the cumulative motive forces of potential. There are many habits to build and even more activities to take part in which means that the fingerprint of ones activity will always be unique. It is important to keep in mind that there will always be overlaps in habits and activities and these overlaps can be traced. What is found is behavior patterns that breed clear direction, and this direciton is a result of fundamental habits.

Below I shall describe five things to dose yourself with every day in order to breed direction. Everyone’s life is different and what works for one may not work for the other, but I believe that the actions and habit that I am about to lay out can be applied almost universally for the average person looking to step further into their own potential.

Journaling – Having a journal is among the most powerful tools to promote direction, it allows the mind to let go of thoughts as well as to clearly articulate what it wants. The mind is so unique in that the act of journaling takes on a mind of its own. In many cases, depending on how candid you are trying to be, which I would recommend to be ultimate; the act of journaling reaches an almost autonomous nature. The act of writing eventually proceeds so smoothly that the thoughts and ideas that are written can be understood as the raw expulsion of subconscious energy unto the paper. The thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas that are transcribed appear as the most visceral manifestations of what the mind is going through. Over time, journaling is not simply a way to articulate feelings and express what one cannot say to others. It becomes binding and sacred, the ideas and goals that are written will grant the individual direction and clarity on how to achieve their goals.

Meditation – Obviously this will be the most cliché object on this list. Everyone is always telling everybody else about meditation and the prospect of a personal meditative practice. The issue is that very few actually follow through, everyone has apparently “tried” meditation and has not received the magical benefits instantly, therefore one has since concluded that it does not work. Meditation is less about seeing a change and much more about realizing the importance of your own time. The change comes when the individual has understood exactly that, that time is limited and that 10 minutes with ones eyes closed seems an eternity. That is because much can be completed in 10 minutes, and upon the volition of the individual to sit quietly and devote time to their own mind, that is the true commitment. Now, there is a plethora of things to do with one’s eyes closed, it is truly baffling, but be not mislead, the objective in meditation is to understand the value of ones own time.

Exercise – This also should go without saying, but alas there are those who would imagine that exercise is something they do not need on the basis that they are already productive enough. The goals of exercise may be understood from that perspective, as a way to become more productive. Although, the benefits of exercise far surpass merely the increases in productive capacity. Exercise strengthens the body and the mind such that illness is less prevailing, concentration is bolstered, stamina is increased, and perhaps the most important – one’s general mood is improved. Thus, the single minded approach to exercise as only a means to become more productive, or even solely to become more healthy, ore solely to do anything is sorely wrong. Exercise impacts ever domain of life, making the individual more resilient, stronger, and better at handling whatever life may bring. It happens to also be a wonderful way to meet other people who share similar values.

Gratitude – Gratitude is too often overlooked and yet it is so simple. It is the foundation from which everything else is build as it pertains to attitude and one’s perspective on life. It is well known that gratitude changes the structure of the brain, promoting growth and reconnection both within and without. There is the sorry bloke who insists upon their gratitude practice as being present but knows not of what they speak. Gratitude is not merely the observation that there are great things in life, it is the appreciation that you get to experience them just as they are and for the exact purpose that they are intended. But how can one be grateful for bad things? Indeed, is not to be grateful for bad things to support their malevolence? Nay, for the opportunity to overcome malevolence has presented itself and for that there is only gratitude to be had. The opportunity to become stronger and better, when presented, ought never to be tossed aside, especially when it stands directly in one’s way. Therefore, be grateful even for the desire to not exercise, or to not meditate or to not journal, for these are things to be overcome.

Reading – There are few things so critical to the development of the mind than reading. Reading takes concentration and focus as well as imagination and patience, to say nothing of the content within. Reading is the most direct and available form of knowledge but is also the most elegant backboard for the development of one’s own judgement. When the individual judges the world, perhaps they are wrong and they reap those imminent consequences. In a book however, one can judge a character or a situation and instead of being wrong or right, the individual learns because answer is presented to them in due time. Thus, the individual is able to shape their own perspectives and thoughts on matters before they apply their ready opinion unto a world that is far more hostile. Reading can also provide the traditional escape from the world, and this too may be quite welcome, especially when the individual is in full participation with their world. As a book requires only ones attention and imagination while the world is composed of choice and consequence.

Perhaps you may have noticed a trend in these activities, they all produce nothing external of the self save the written words within ones journal. Each activity is devoted solely to the betterment of the individual. The behaviors that are produced from the full participation in owns own development will speak volumes to the environment that the individual creates. Of all things in the world, the most important thing is the self and the quest of becoming one’s best. This is no selfish endeavor, for to become ones best requires acting in the world justly and with fortitude. When one acts justly and with fortitude, few things matter more than the success of all parties involved. To act justly and with fortitude requires a strong mind and a strong body as well as the foresight to do what is only in the best interest of oneself and the people around them.

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