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The Meditation of Seven

Note: Meditation is a practice that has been around for millennia, which is to say that there are a plethora of ways to do it. There are also a plethora of benefits to receive. The following is a technique that I developed and works for me, perhaps it will work for others as well. The similarities that this meditation shares with older traditions were realized only after its creation.

Meditation is considered by many to be a mystical affair and modern society has rendered meditation foreign and perhaps too odd for more refined tastes. The truth behind this false veil is that meditation is a gateway to the deepest vision of oneself. The only thing deeper is the quest the oneironauts take every night through their dreams. The meditative experience can certainly be enhanced through certain substances as well, but the average person needn’t be tempted. The average person will first want to learn to meditate properly, which is the question at hand. What is the proper way to meditate?

Meditation goes back further than anyone truly knows and was undertaken by many an oriental master such as Buddha himself. The Vedic Upanishads also put their own spin on meditation by incorporating the notion of Chakras into the practice, but more on that later.

To meditate is to sit, quietly, for extended amounts of time, and observe the mind. This is fundamentally all there is to it, however, the journey through the meditative state has many avenues. As the mediator, one can envision future endeavors, make plans, attempt to find utter silence, simply observe thoughts as they pass, or become madly frustrated at the absurdity of the practice and the loudness of one’s own mind. This latter event being the proof within the pudding so to speak, the irony of the necessity — if you will.

Which of these avenues is best? All of them offer benefit, all of them will in some way contribute even if the contribution is merely the time that has been donated to the self. Let us not forget that the purpose of meditation is to grant time to the mind and the self. Therefore, any sort of meditation will resonate with this primary tenet and thereby not be a waste.

The best avenue is the one which offers the greatest benefit. The greatest benefit is a meditation which compels future meditation, invites the feeling of being human, facilitates planning, plays the music of the heart, displays the power of words, presents totality in clarity, and guides one toward the embodiment of themselves.

Perhaps that seems to be too much to accomplish in a singular meditation. Wrong.

I would like to share with you the Meditation of Seven. In an uncanny coincidence, this meditation overlaps precisely with the Vedic Chakra tradition. I was utterly floored to discover this to be the case. But modern society has transcended the ancients! You say, wrongly. Modernity has transcended no such thing, it is the inflated importance of humanity that will be its undoing, lest we forget the ancients and their tradition.

In a single meditation, one can pull awareness through the entire body and hit the necessary goals to facilitate the greatest benefit. Without further adieu:

  1. I am Present – This is the recognition that you have commenced meditation, but more importantly that this time has been chosen for thy self. The relief of the desire to be doing anything else will be the key. This is akin to the Root Chakra.
  2. The World Turns – Wind blows, birds sing, wherefore you are now within the self. Perhaps also sitting in a chair, or on the grass, or on a beach. Wherever you are, there is also sensation. To sense that the world around is still moving will unlock this portal. This is akin to the Sacral Chakra.
  3. Make a Plan, Build Something – At this point, following due gratitude, you will find things which must be completed. It is here that a plan must be created, or attempted if no plan exists. This portal will be unlocked by discovering your legend then assembling actions, and thought, in a hierarchy of importance. This is akin to the Solar Plexus.
  4. Find your Heart – In order to build there must be love, there must be purpose and the will to succeed – life is no trivial thing. It is this step in the Meditation that one knows whether their plan is resonant with their true goals. Without the heart you cannot proceed further; to know the legend is to feel the heart. This may take some looking… Behold, the Heart Chakra
  5. Don’t Trip over your Tongue – In all endeavors it is imperative to keep a close eye on the tongue lest it run away and cause ruin. Furthermore, the tongue says much about a mind, let what it says be judged by you harder than any other. This portal becomes open when the resolve to speak, and think, purposefully, arises. This is akin to the Throat Chakra
  6. Find a Center – Meditating and you feel the air, a legend you see, purpose discovered, thy judgement set. What lies ahead is observation and the center is a quiet place. It is almost library where the book has been read and you pause in thoughtless understanding. This portal opens to those who see themselves. This is akin to the Third Eye.
  7. Reach Further – The final seventh lies above you. To reach it requires that the pillar of the self stands on its own. One can feel the world around them and feel their will which at the present moment is a will to meditate. This takes the mediator up once more and is akin to the Crown Chakra.

The development of the Meditation of Seven came to me when one day as I was meditating in the sun, drifting through pleasant thought, I felt my chest hum. I did not understand this feeling but naturally I explored it and found that it moved. The question of whether I could move it was an obvious one, which I learnt to be no, and I could not through will alone. After exploring this feeling for a few weeks I discovered the heart, which I know now to be a guiding entity. It tells me clearly when I am doing what I do not want to do and points me to what I should be doing. I felt that I needed a plan of sorts – a plan for the day, regarding conduct, immediate tasks, the likes – and to agree with my heart required that the plan was aligned with the truth.

This is the beginning and I am still exploring it myself, but I would like to be very clear about something. Before this meditation appeared to me I had only a very light understanding of the Vedic Chakra system. It was only after I completed the Meditation of Seven for myself that I wondered at its similarity to Chakras. I found out afterword that the overlap was pristine and that to me was quite odd. This means to me that the notion of “chakra” is arbitrary but the phenomenon is real. Furthermore, the ancients were clearly onto something staggering. Take that for what it is worth.

Locating the heart is a true undertaking and the Meditation of Seven may not be completed for some time if it cannot be found. Discovering the heart is a subjective task, the only aid that I may offer is that the heart is to be found wedded to the truth.

As each step is completed, bodily awareness will flow and follow unto the next steps. It helps to bear in mind the traditional chakra locations and send ones awareness there while completing the local task. I have found that it allows me to follow the energetic awareness of my meditation. The second step, or sacral vortex, is supremely important because it is there that one realizes that everything is merely sense data, and all that will ever be is what we do in response to this datum.

The fourth step is unique and pivotal, this is where loving kindness meets personal duty. Also known traditionally as the heart chakra, this place of awareness demands that love is located, then it reveals the truth of loving. The truth of loving is the knowledge of whether what one is pursuing in their life is true to their nature or purpose. As I said before, it is wedded to the truth and resistance of it will only hinder progress.

The mind has dominance in the higher steps, but is nothing without the body, which comes first. At the very top we find the spirit, which is nothing without the mind and the body which must work together.

I have found that this meditative practice has inadvertently aligned perfectly with several statues of what we know as spirituality. I use it almost every day and add onto it each day with a continued understanding of how it functions. It checks all of the bases of meditative practice such as mindfulness, loving kindness, and focus.

I hope this meditation resonates with others, I have found the Seven to cover all the bases of a powerful meditation which also pragmatizes the previously nebulous understanding of Chakras.

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