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An Introduction

It was high time to begin living justly, through all avenues that were available. Thus, blogging begins and a journey to illuminate yet another human life. The goal to find resonance, connections, and to hopefully become the best version of myself.

To begin simply, I am a fifth year Cell and Molecular Biology Student but my interests dive much further than Biology. History and Nature intrigue me, however something i spend much of my energy on is the Nature of Thought. I called this blog Conscious Cognizance because it is important to be aware of our mind and for me it has helped tremendously to understand it almost as a separate entity. Thoughts arise and we attach feelings or perform actions because of them, we associate them with ourselves but perhaps thoughts are not as much ours as we would like to think. It was not until I took a Literature class on Michel de Montaigne and his paradigm shifting attitude of Judgement did i begin to realize the full power of judging thoughts. From this perspective, thoughts are less than absolute and take a far more objective role. They have become in a sense animals in the wilderness of my mind. Observation of them is crucial to understanding myself and also for making key choices in the way of my life.

This opens up part two of this intro, the choices of life. I choose to live as healthy as I possibly can. I focus on scientific literature that aids my understanding of physiology and then put it to task. For instance, I have been on a ketogenic diet for about a year and a half now, there is no reason that I would ever return to the insulin roller coaster that accompanies the consumption of carbs. I have been experimenting with supplements for the last eight years and I work out often, albeit not as hard as I need to be, but it certainly gets mitochondrial bio-genesis going.

Though I may not be a master yet, I aim to fill my time with things of value, whether this is reading books of substance or going to train martial arts. The things that sap my energy the most are activities where the value does not equate to the time spent.

This has been a brief introduction and the aim of this blog is to cover a wide range of topics as well as exploring a number of rather difficult ideas all to the end of bettering myself and the people around me.

“Dare to be wise. Start now. To put off the moment when you will start to live justly is to act like the bumkin who would cross but waits for the stream to dry up; time flows and will flow forever, as an everolling steam.” -Montaigne

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